Electrical Power

Generation to Utilization - Solution Providers

IMV Projects E-Power Division brings client-focused EPCM services to the electrical power industry. We provide project management, engineering, procurement and construction management expertise specializing in the generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of electrical power. In addition, we provide management, supervision, documentation and field supervision for maintenance inspections and testing services.

Our E-Power division is committed to providing our clients with EPCM expertise that ensures reliable, safe, and cost effective power generation, transmission, distribution and utilization.

Our electrical power expertise, in summary:

  • Electrical power generation turn-key projects;
  • Electrical engineering and design;
  • New and replacement motor control centre EPCM;
  • Power distribution studies for new and existing systems;
  • Interface management with utilities;
  • Project management;
  • Procurement
  • Construction management and supervision; and
  • Start-up and commissioning.

Broad Base of Electrical Power Experience

The range of projects our E-Power Division has serviced includes new installations, capacity upgrades and the complete replacement of existing systems at voltages up to 765 kV. We have experience in new, replacement and on-site retrofit motor control centers, turn-key projects complete with any required generation, protection and control, drive systems and low voltage distribution centers. We also provide studies on system load flow, fault current, motor starting, protection coordination, harmonic and arc flash for new and existing systems.

All work is supervised, reviewed and stamped by professional engineers to provide our clients with the security that our practices ensure the highest standard of operational reliability and safety for electrical power distribution and utilization systems.

Where Do We Live?

IMV Projects E-Power is a division of IMV Projects which has head offices in Calgary and a branch office in Atlantic Canada. As a Wood Group company, we also have affiliates in North and South America, Europe, Australasia and the Middle East, enabling us to provide quality EPCM services internationally.

Renewable Energy

Electrical Power Generated From Biomass

The demand for the development of renewable energy sources is rapidly increasing and IMV Projects is involved. As of 2009 IMV Projects and Mustus Energy have been working together to design a 35-MW biomass power plant that will take wood waste from an existing lumberyard and convert it into electrical power for the community.

La Crete Biomass Power Facility

IMV Projects has developed a preliminary design for the plant using proven stoker-boiler technology. The heat energy from the biomass plant will be used to produce steam to drive a conventional steam turbine coupled to a generator.

Beyond the economic benefit to the local community, this type of facility has several environmental advantages, including reduced air emissions, an ash byproduct (Bio-ash) that can be used as a soil enhancement on agricultural fields (increases water retention), and reduced dependence on fossil fuel for Alberta's energy needs.